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40 | Green Lake magazine 2012 This years cookie classic is aptly named the Cookie Olympics. This uniquely Ripon event focuses on the under-12 set, but fun for all takes place Saturday, August 4 from 10:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at Barlow Park on Ripons south side. Even though its an all-things-cookie event in its 17th year, you can also visit the Ripon Rotary Clubs food and beverage tent. The Bremner/Chamber Cookie Tent sells current favorites Pays Homage to the Summer Olympics By Jan White from the citys cookie factory, under production here since 1930 and now operated by Bremner Food Group, Inc. The worlds largest cookie was baked in Ripon in 1992, and was documented by the Guinness Book of World Records in 1994. Hence, one of the citys nicknames recognizes this feat with the CookieTown USA designation. And since Rippin Good Cookies brand is an obvious play-on-words with the citys name, it is helpful to newcomers in pronouncing Ripon as the locals do. While there are cookie hunts, cookie decorating, cookie tosses, cookie bingo, >ʓi]iݫiVÜiiëiV> events with an Olympic twist. And no Cookie Daze is complete without the dazzling spectacle of the cookie drop80 cases of wrapped cookies iݫiiv>̜̅i̜i}wi truck ladder! And the hunt is on among the thousands of cookies to nd the specially marked one to win a bike or other big prize. Festivities are held rain or shine, and parking is free. Cookie Daze is sponsored by the Ripon Area Chamber of Commerce, local businesses, and service organizations. For more information, go to, call (920) 748-6764, or email info@ripon Jan White is a freelance writer.