Green Lake Magazine Green Lake Magazine 2012 - Page 37 | 37 Sailing is a great way to slow down and enjoy the simplicity and beauty of Green Lake. Of course, it doesnt hurt that sailing is a green activity that also happens to be a lot of fun. It is very satisfying to hang your hand over the edge and realize the movement you >iiݫiiV}ʈʓ>iʫÈLiL harnessing the power of the wind. While it is true that green energy is all the rage, sailors have been quietly putting the wind to work for centuries. Do you belong to one of those busy families that think they dont have the time to learn the craft of sailing? Perhaps this would have been true in the past when Green Lake Sailing Schools primary course offering consisted of a single, eight-week session e )յȰЁѽ䁍͔ɥ >iLiiʓwi>iݫ>i with todays busy family schedules in mind. While the traditional multi-week session is still popular, especially for seasonal and year-round residents, many families, including those on vacation, are discovering the convenience of our weekly mini-clinics, which cover three days in a single week. Others have ii̅iՏ̈>iyi݈Lʜvʫ>i lessons, which are taught at times that are convenient for busy families. A nonprot organization, the Green Lake Sailing School has taught thousands of people to sail on the waters of Big Green Lake over the past 50 years. Lessons are offered to suit every skill level, from rst-time Li}i̜iݫiiVi>ʏ} for a refresher course. Courses taught by nationally certied instructors are offered for children and adults, as well >ʓi>}i>v>}իð addition to regular multi-week sessions, weekly mini-clinics are offered, as well as private lessons, in the schools boats or yours. There are also limited sailboat rentals by the day or week. The Green Lake Sailing School is located on County Highway A, on the north end of Sunset Park. For more information or to make a reservation, visit or email Bur Zeratsky is President of Green Lake Sailing School. Photographs provided by Green Lake Sailing School. GREEN LAKE SAILING SCHOOL Allows Your Family to Experience "Green Energy" By Bur Zuratsky