Green Lake Magazine Green Lake Magazine 2012 - Page 31 | 31 Tony D. Dolgner Broker/Owner 1194 W. Fond du Lac Street Ripon, Wisconsin 54971 OFFICE 920.748.2865 TOLL FREE 800.236.3602 CELL 920.570.2143 EMAIL WEB kids (with prizes) along with perennial favorites: the Pajama Contest, Bed Races, and Tricycle Races. Savor traditional palate pleasers, including locally produced bison burgers and brats. Nosh upon hotdogs or easy-to-eat items including corn- on-the-cob, giant deli pickles, grilled VVi]>i݈V>ʫÈVip> on sticks so you dont have to deal with plates and utensils. The 10th Annual Bed Races are open to everyone. Teams are challenged to race old-fashioned wire frame beds down the street. This particularly favorite event involves two beds, ܅V>iʫۈi>}܈̅>L containing a bottom and top sheet and a night gown. Teams of three make the bed, then, with the one dressed in the night gown riding, the other two team members push the bed down the race course and back to the nish line. The beds, with no power steering or brakes, have a mind of their own, and skill is required to keep them on course. Last year, The Bedwetters won rst place, according to Loni Meiborg, iV̈i iV̜ʜv̅iii>i Area Chamber of Commerce. The celebration ends at 9:00 p.m. with a Howl at the Moon contest, complete with prizes. The entire audience participates in a Howl heard round the town, and with that, summer ofcially arrives in Green Lake. Jackie Bradley is a freelance writer.