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28 | Green Lake magazine 2012 An Environment of Excellence For decades people associated Americas small towns with one-room schoolhouses, and true to that image, the Green Lake School District is a one- roof schoolhouse. Proudly referred to as a public school that feels like a private school, students from four-year-old kindergarten through 12th grade attend classes in the same building. Divided by separate wings, this convenient arrangement encourages a family- friendly, community atmosphere. Smaller is Better Research supports that with small, personalized class sizes in the lower grades, students benet. The Green Lake School District goes above and beyond this to provide smaller classes throughout the entire education iݫiiVi/ii>Vii>̈ is the lowest in the area, allowing achievement to be closely monitored and personal attention to be provided. 4K-12 International Baccalaureate World School With the challenges of a new world economy, Green Lake has chosen a progressive path. The school district is the rst 4K12 International Baccalaureate World School (IB) in Wisconsin. The school district is currently offering the Diploma Program (grades 1112), and the Middle Years Program (grades 710) and the Primary Years Program (grades 4K6).What does IB offer? IB is for every student, and provides a style of learning that encourages thoughtful understanding of what is being studied. ݫiV>̈>iʅ}]>i enjoy a challenging approach that encourages students to ask questions, nd solutions, and reect on their learning. Students no longer ask, Why do I have to learn this? Each lesson, at all levels, is clearly dened and made relevant to the world. Enriched and Innovative Along with quality academics, the curriculum emphasizes health and wellness, athletics, and the arts. While many districts are cutting non- essentials, Green Lake elementary iʫ>̈V>iʈ̅iʓ>݈Փ recommendation for physical education, vocal music, band, art, and computer education. In addition, foreign language (Spanish) begins in grade 2. At the middle and high school level, students are very involved. 75 percent of students participate in a minimum v̅iii>VVՏ>>V̈ۈ̈ið/i philosophy is that while in middle and high school, students should have the opportunity to play a sport, if they wish. The performing arts are valued, and from grade 5, students begin to play an instrument and are members of the band or choir. Both the performing and ۈ>>ʅ>iiViiʫ>̈V>̈ rates and outstanding community support. Connecting students with the lake, its surrounding area, and its place in the world, The Green Lake Global and Environmental Academya lake- centered charter schoolopened in September 2008 with twenty 7th and 8th grade students. Teachers have worke [Y[H][[ i}>i>iV̈}VVՏՓv this innovative program. The District recently adopted the Earth Partnership in Schools model of outdoor education. This model integrates outdoor activities into all classes, 4K12. Impressive Results The adage, Good things come in small packages, certainly holds true. Green Lake High School graduates are a measure of the success of the school district85 percent of graduates continue to higher education. Alumni have enrolled in undergraduate and graduate work at institutions such as the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Amherst, Cornell, Duke, Northwestern, University of Chicago, Stanford, and Purdue, to name a few. The district has a 0 percent dropout rate. In a beautiful, serene lake environment, the Green Lake School District has distinguished itself by providing >ܜV>iV>̈>iݫiiVi for its students. For more information, phone (920) 294-6411 or visit Ken Bates is the District Administrator. Photographs provided by Green Lake School District. By Ken Bates SCHOOL DISTRICT OF GREEN LAKE Pure Pride