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24 | Green Lake magazine 2012 Finding the right outdoor activity in Green Lake is never hard to do. The Green Team has once again lled its calendar full this year with some new and returning activities that highlight the unique and beautiful sites of Green Lake. The Green Team, a partnership of the Green Lake Association, the Green Lake Conservancy, the Green Lake Sanitary District, and the Green Lake School District, formed in 2008 with a mission to introduce and share with the public, through the talents of volunteers, those special, unusual, or unknown natural features in the Green Lake area.Free and family friendly, Green Team events are scheduled each month throughout the year. Most events incorporate physical activity such as hiking, biking, or kayak/canoeing to get participants outdoors among the trees, trails, and waterways of Green Lake. The Green Team also includes events that are less physically demanding, with tours of the Green Lake Fish Rearing Facility (April) and the Green Lake wastewater treatment plant (August), and a gathering to hear the Green Lake Storytellers (November).Whatever your interest, theres sure to be something on the Green Team calendar for visitors and residents of the Green Lake area. Heres a peek.As temperatures begin to warm and nature begins to blossom, Green Team participants will stroll through Sunnyside Conservancy Property to get the best views of morning active birds. Join the Green Team Saturday, May 5, ̜iݫiiVi̅iÜ՘>È}ʜv Green Lakes birds. You dont have to Li>Liݫi̜i>ʓ} walk with the Green Team! The Green Team is highlighting its new Silver Creek Water Trail with a kayak/ Green TeamGreen Team By Ainsley Rubbert