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20 | Green Lake magazine 2012 If you dont have tickets for the Indy 500, you might as well stay in Wisconsin and mosey over to Princeton for the Midwests second most popular event on Memorial Day weekend, the Rubber Chicken Fling. With events all weekend, May 2528, Princetons Fling is a large part of the fun. Chicken jokes abound. Chicken- costumed folks entertain, the most famous being Chuck One and Chuck Two. Now in its 11th year, the unique Fling was born out of a need to get the tourist season jump-started and help the locals shake off the winter doldrums. Those goals are met routinely, but another outcome is the unrestrained madcap joy of participants and onlookers.The Fling is designed to give all ages a v՘iݫiiViʜv̜È}ʜ} yellow rubber chickens through a yellow goal post. Groups of ingers are organized by age, and each round eliminates more ill-aiming ingers until champions are found for each age group. The coveted top-honors-taker receives the handsome silver rubber chicken. Runners-up receive Fling Day memorabilia. All receive their deserved 15 minutes of fame. Fling onlookers cheer for all; here, effort does count. The fever pitch is worthy of a Race Day crowd at the Indianapolis Speedway. Fun, too, is the gathering up of the ung chickens by young bystanders. They scramble for the chickens and earnestly ing them back to the launching line, usually successfully. Weekend events also include an important time to commemorate those lost in wars, a craft fair, wonderful Princetons Joyful Jump-Start to Summer By Jan WhiteThe Chicken Fling