Green Lake Magazine Green Lake Magazine 2012 - Page 13 | 13 LAKE TROUT Late May through mid-July, shallower water early, 40-60. 100-140' later. Small spoons, small shiners. WALLEYE Ice out until early May, fish shorelines. Night crawlers, leeches. Last week in June until mid-July, fish weedbeds. Early August through autumn, 25-50 on hardbottom dropoffs. WHITE BASS Early May, fish shoreline on ݥ䁑̰ə̸))ձѡɽ՝MѕȰɽ́ݥѠ͵̰)əݸѼH)9=IQ!I8Ёѡɕݕ́)չɽѡݕ̸1ɝ̰Ʌ)̸)ձ䁙͠ԴH݅ѕȁѡɽ̸1ɝՉ́Ȁ)Ս̸) MLɱ5䰁ݽɬѡ͡ɕ̸]ɵȁݕѡȰ͠ѡɽ̀(ԴHMȁ̰Չ̰Ʌݱ̸̰)A9%M 1єɥѡɽ՝ɱ5䰁͠ѡ͡ɕ̰ѡ̰ѡ)1є)ձ䰁͠ѡɥ̸]ݽɵ́ȁ͵ݽɵ̀ɑȀ) ICE FISHING CISCO Early December, Cisco are spawning and can be caught in 40-60 of water on rocky shoals, or through winter with jigs and glow spoons. TROUT Late December-March. Small shiners. NORTHERN Fish in 12-18 of water near big weedbeds. Big shiners on tip-ups. WALLEYE Fish near big weedbeds 8-12 of water, or in water up to 30. Small shiners, jigs, small spoons. PANFISH Plentiful in shallow water. Fish 30-40 for larger fish. Small grubs and plastics. GREEN LAKE FISH CHART WHO THEY ARE | WHERE THEY ARE | WHEN | TOP BAIT the Dartford Historical Society Depot Museum, tennis courts, and a good spot for sunsh and bluegill shing. Highknocker Park, named for Chief Highknocker, is located at Highknocker Trail and Anchor Road, and has a baseball eld and playground. Daycholah Lookout is a charming lakeside spot conveniently located near Green Lakes downtown. At the corner of Lake Street and Illinois Avenue, youll nd a short path and native >̈}ðʫۈi>iݫ>Èi view of the lake and is furnished with benches as well. Zobel Memorial Park, another county park located a mile north of the intersection of State Road 23 on State Road 49, offers picnic grills and tables, paths through the woods, restrooms, a shelter, and a sledding hill. LAKE SIGHTSEEING The Heidel House Resort at 643 Illinois Avenue offers lake tours on their 60-foot catamaran-style yacht, the Escapade. Its captain will share tales of the lake and area history as you cruise. Food and beverages may be available on board. Reservations for public and private tours can be made at (800) 444-2812 or by visiting BOATING Bring your own boat or take advantage viViii>LÈiiʈ̅i Green Lake area. Action Marina/Green Lake Action Rentals/Powersports Outlet operates from two locations: W780 State Roads 23/49 between Green Lake and Ripon, and 463 Lake Street, just east of Green Lakes downtown district. They rent all kinds of watersports equipment, as well as bicycles and mopeds. Contact them at (920) 745- 2600 or Bay View Motel and Resort rents shing/cruising and pontoon boats at 439 Lake Street. Contact them at (920) 294-6504 or home.centurytel .net/bayview. Green Lake Sailing School offers private and group lessons, rentals, and more. Visit or call (920) 294-3592.Shoreline Boat Center is at 509 Commercial Avenue at South Street. For rentals, call (920) 294-6221 or visit For sales and service, call (920) 294-3145. FISHING Green Lake, with its depth and clarity, offers great shing in any i>Ü/ʓ>݈iޜwÅ} iݫiiVi]>i>>>}iʜv}Ոi services such as Nortons Fishing & Hunting Adventures (visit nortonssh or call (920) 295-3617). Management ensures healthy populations. Fishing forecasts are available from the Department of Natural Resources at General shing for 2012 opens Saturday, May 5 and closes the rst Sunday in March 2013. MORE INFORMATION To make your stay in Green Lake V>ivii]>i>>>}iʜviiÈi information of all kinds available from the Green Lake Area Chamber. Go to, call (920) 294-3231, or email info@ Jan White is a freelance writer.