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10 | Green Lake magazine 2012 for 10 more years. In 1985 their sons George and Peter bought the restaurant from their parents, continuing the family business. For 20 years, George and Peter were at the helm of Nortons Marine Dining Room. After 56 years of serving Green Lake, Nortons closed in November 2004 to make room for a condominium development. It appeared to be the end of an era until the spring of 2005 when Jill & Mike Havey purchased the restaurant, now Nortons of Green Lake, preserving the legendary Green Lake landmark.While retaining many of its historical >ëiV]̅i>iiݫ>i ̜ menu and remodeled the bar. New, larger windows and lower crank-out windows were installed in the dining room for guests to enjoy even grander lake views and breezes. They tripled the patio space, increased the number of piers for arriving boaters, and added a tiki bar. One of the few lakefront restaurants remaining on Big Green Lake, Nortons is the kind of place where you are welcome to arrive casually dressed off a boat or in your Sunday best for lunch and dinner. Their outdoor spaces are ideal for enjoying a summer day on the ܙ\وHX]]Y[ZKܝۤYۘ]\H[YH\Z\[YX[[^YH[\\]^\[YH\X[\Z[ YHܘX[XZKZY\XH[[X\ X\YZH[K[\]Xۈܘ\Y[ˈو\K[Hو\\YۈY^\ΈXX[\Hٙ\Y][[YK[HY][ۘ[\ۜ[[ ^[KX[YX]H\\Y܈[\Z\\\Y[H[\]H\]\[X[[Z[H\ܞKܝۤ[YۈHܝܙHوܙY[ZH[ NMH\\H YܝۋYYH\[\[ NMH۝[YH\][ܝۤX\[H ܙY[ZHX\[JKXZ܈[ݘ][ۜ\H\]Y[ NMLH[YZ[[ NMNHX[[]H\Hܛ]\]Y[YH\]\[ [\HYY[ NMH\]\[\[[\Y[ܛ\\Y[ܙH[\܋\X[Y\[ܙH[\YHX[HYH\]\[[ NMH[\]Y] B y J e a n Co r n e l i u s