Greater Enid Chamber of Commerce Directory 2018-2019 - Page 9

Greater Enid Chamber Of Com merce 9 LOCAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT / GOV’T. AFFAIRS COUNCIL Support quality of life projects that help attract businesses, workers and families • Encourage continued downtown development including the completion of the downtown hotel (maximize the economic impact of CNB Center) • Support a sustainable city budget allocation for neighborhood parks, community parks, and the trail system • Support establishing a joint residency program to help recruit physicians to Enid • Support developing Enid Soccer Complex as a major asset for Enid’s quality of life and visitor industry • Support efforts to implement the Kaw Lake pipeline project to provide a sustainable water supply • Work with City of Enid to implement community wayfinding signage plan • Support Enid’s brand identity and help deliver Enid’s “boundless, vibrant, original” message through Chamber events, publications, and website Increase Enid’s retail market share, drawing power, and sales tax base • Encourage expansion of local retailers and support the recruitment of national retailers that complement existing businesses and fill a “gap” in Enid’s market • Support upgrading Oakwood Mall and recruiting a state of the art movie theatre (at mall or other sites) • Promote holiday shopping in Enid through Candy Cane Cash event • Support efforts to increase hotel room nights in Enid (conferences, conventions & sports tournaments) STATE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT / GOV’T. AFFAIRS COUNCIL Support quality of life projects that help attract businesses, workers and families • Organize and promote Enid Day at the Capitol • Support legislative efforts to fund core services (pursue efficiencies and advocate sound revenue sources) • Support the thorough review of business incentives and tax credits through the Oklahoma Incentive Evaluation Commission (eliminate or phase out those that are not effective or cost efficient) • Protect effective business incentives that have proven to attract capital investment and create new jobs • Support legislation for the collection of state and local sales tax for all online retail sales (level playing field for local retailers and national online retailers) • Work with other mid-size cities to protect and enhance rural health care, support regional colleges and universities, and support local control for municipalities • Promote legislation to support key sectors in Enid’s regional economy (oil & gas, agriculture, medical, etc.) • Increase state funding for Enid’s regional higher education institutions (improve access to Higher Ed) • Utilize Oklahoma Strategic Military Planning Commission funding for Woodring airport improvements (projects that support VAFB mission) • Support upgrading Greer Center facilities in Enid (for dually diagnosed clients) • Support regional highway improvements and continued funding for ODOT’s 8-year plan • Identify and promote local citizens to serve on state boards