Greater Enid Chamber of Commerce Directory 2018-2019 - Page 3

Letter From The Chairman Greater Enid Chamber Of Com merce 3 Home. Enid IS home. And home is where we wanted to be. My wife, Jenni, and I both graduated from Enid High School. We left for college, and quickly moved into our careers. We settled in the Tulsa area. We were gone for 10 years. Still, all along, we knew we wanted to move home. In 2012, we were able to make that happen! Immediately upon returning, I knew I wanted to be active in the community. I wanted to be part of improving the quality of life in this area. The first step I took was joining the Chamber Ambassador program & attending ribbon cuttings. It is a fabulous program that immediately brings an awareness to new & reimagined businesses in town. This led to me establishing relationships throughout the community, which in turn has helped me become a part of other impactful organizations in town. “I am driven and compelled to see this community continue to thrive and grow. Anything I can do to help make that happen, I will continue to do.” -Kyle Hockmeyer I began working at Autry Technology Center in 2013. I want to thank Brady McCullough, Superintendent and CEO, and Teri Holle, Director of Business and Industry Services at Autry, for not only allowing me, but for encouraging me to get involved and stay active in the community. I look at my job not just as putting together training programs for local industry, but as truly making an impact for citizens and companies in our city in the area of economic development. Again, I am driven and compelled to see this community continue to thrive and grow. Anything I can do to help make that happen, I will continue to do. I want to see my son Kash, who is 2 years old, thrive making a career for himself here at “home”. I want to see my daughter Karli, who was born in June, make a successful career for herself here at “home”. I want my grandkids to be raised close to me here at “home”. Enid is, and always will be, HOME. I am honored to be following in the footsteps of numerous community leaders as the next Chairman of the Board for the Greater Enid Chamber of Commerce in 2018-2019. After being a chamber ambassador since 2012 & serving on the Chamber board since 2016, I have witnessed the impact that being a member can have on a business. Enid has seen some amazing community successes this past year & there are undoubtedly more major successes to come in the year ahead: - Enid Public Schools will open its competition gym & performing arts center in 2019 - Best Western Glo Hotel will open in Downtown Enid - There continues to be progress on the Enid Soccer Complex - And there continues to be progress on the Kaw Lake pipeline project The Chamber has a 3-year strategic plan, & we will continue to drive focus toward reaching our mission. Adequately funding core services at the state level and promoting a favorable business climate for this area will continue to be a primary focus. Supporting Enid’s retail market needs to have our continued, unwavering commitment. Supporting area teachers with initiatives like the ENID 4 Teachers discount program that launched last year, needs to remain at the top of our attention. And, TRULY the most fundamental commitment of all, is that we as citizens and patriots, must show unwavering support for Vance Air force Base and the pilots and families that are now calling Enid home. I was able to attend the Legislative Trip to Washington D.C. this year and I can tell you, the legislators & others we met with at the Pentagon were extremely impressed with the level of support that Enid gives to the base. We can never let that support wane. I look forward to serving for the next year. With the help & support of this entire community, I know we can make Enid a destination for future generations to live, and for all of us to forever call Enid, our HOME. Kyle Hockmeyer Chairman of the Board