Greater Enid Chamber of Commerce Directory 2017-2018 - Page 99

Warnock, Tania Oklahoma Blood Institute (580) 233-9323 E-mail: White, Karl Enid Board of Education (580) 366-7020 E-mail: Watkins, Cory Farm Credit of Enid (580) 233-3489 E-mail: White, Mary Ann American Red Cross (580) 237-5994 E-mail: maryann.white Weber, Jerry Sport Clips (405) 222-8300 E-mail: Webster, Ivana See InSync, Inc. (580) 747-1111 E-mail: Wedel, Reese Garfield County Commissioners (580) 237-0227 E-mail: garfieldcounty Wegener, Pat Heartquest Salon & Wig Studio, L.T.D. (580) 233-8333 E-mail: heartqueststudio Weinand, DVM, G. F. Wheat [[[X[[X ˂ N H LL BK[XZ[^Y[Y]XZ[ B\ \^BY\ۙ\SZXY[ ܚY N H N LK[XZ[\^K\Y\ۙ\˘BY[\\YX\&\^B N H KM͍BK[XZ[MLPXZ[ B[\K\\BYŠ N H MLK[XZ[[\PY[[˛]]K[\B[[Z]\HX\[ N H M M MK[XZ[˝ PX\[ B]KXYB[H]H[ \ N H M BK[XZ[XY][\]X[˘B]K [ Xۋ] ˂ N H L ͂K[XZ[]P[XۋBܙX]\[Y[X\وHY\HNB[X[\[B[X[\Y\[’H ѓB N H M  L‘K[XZ[[X[\ٛKB[X[\X\H]]Hو[Y N H MMMK[XZ[K[X[\[Y ܙ•]K[]B[[[Š N H L H K[XZ[[]K]P˘H[X[\ZZB[Q\ܜܘ][ۂ N H N L B]ZXY [B][YŠ N H M ‘K[XZ[][\XXBؘؘ[ ][X[\X[ T”Hܝ۝XŠ N H M ĽLBK[XZ[[\ܝ۝X˘B]Y[ X[x&\ JH L BK[XZ[X[\[\˘H[X[\]ۂT[[\T[ZY\][ۜŠ N H LLMK[XZ[]ۋ[X[\\[ZY\BXKXXB[\ۈ[ Z]\Š N H M K[XZ[XXKXP[ۋBY[[[XBY[]X[ۙY\[˂ N H L K[XZ[XBY[]X[ۙY\˘BY[\BY[]X[ۙY\[˂ N H L K[XZ[\BY[]X[ۙY\˘BK[XZ[[ܙP[Y\ B[X[\K[\[\X[[Y\[ ۜ[[Š N H N K[XZ[[X[\[\Xۜ[[˘B[ۋ[BX^[&\^B N H LMMNK[XZ[[W[ێ PXZ˘B[ۋ\^B[ۈ\Š N H L MBK[XZ[[ۙ\YP[ B[ޙZXYBUB N H MN BK[XZ[[ޙZ]Y[Y H[ۋ[[^B]Hو[Y N H M̂K[XZ[[ې[Y ܙ•[[X]\HZ[\[’ӒQ RRԐŠ N H LLL^ ͂K[XZ[[[X\]Z[Y\[˘HܚY \Š JH KMM BK[XZ[\ܚY[ٛܙ []K݂[[ۋ\XBU [ؚ[]B N H LM͂K[XZ[\XK[[ې] B[Yܙ \ۂ[[[H[\[B N H L K[XZ[\ۂ[[[Z[\[KBܚY ZXY[ Y\ۙ\SZXY[ ܚY N H N LK[XZ[ZXY[ ܚYY\ۙ\˘BX[ X[BX[]\K ˂ N H MNBK[XZ[X[]X[ XZ[ BX[ YYBX[]\K ˂ N H MNBK[XZ[YYPX[]ٚ\KB[K ^[܋ۙ [K ˂ N H M MBK[XZ[[P^[ܛۙ˘BBX]ZXKB[Yx&\\\]Z[B\\H Y[X[]B N H MN BK[XZ[][X[Y\ۋB[[\BSPV[ZY\X[ܜŠ N H L K[XZ[\[[[[X^ ][[\BSPV[ZY\X[ܜŠ N H L K[XZ[\K[[[X^ ]Z]K۞B\x&\][X[\]\[ N H N K[XZ[\]۞PXZ[ B[YZZ]H\X][˂ N H LMLBK[XZ[Z]Y\X][˘B[YZ[BH\X][˂ N H LMLBK[XZ[[^Pؙ[ ]