Greater Enid Chamber of Commerce Directory 2017-2018 - Page 9

Greater Enid Chamber Of Commerce 9
Support quality of life projects that help attract businesses , workers and families
• Encourage continued downtown development including the completion of downtown hotel ( maximize the economic impact of CNB Center )
• Support a sustainable city budget allocation for neighborhood parks , community parks , and the trail system
• Support the completion of housing projects in progress
• Support efforts to implement the Kaw Lake pipeline project to provide a sustainable water supply
• Work with City of Enid to implement community wayfinding signage plan
• Support Enid ’ s brand identity and help deliver Enid ’ s “ boundless , vibrant , original ” message through Chamber events , publications , and website
Increase Enid ’ s retail market share , drawing power , and sales tax base
• Encourage expansion of local retailers and support the recruitment of national retailers that complement existing businesses and fill a “ gap ” in Enid ’ s market
• Support efforts to upgrade Oakwood Mall and improve the quality of Enid ’ s movie theatre
• Promote holiday shopping in Enid through Candy Cane Cash event
• Help market Enid for visitor industry growth and enhanced entertainment opportunities
Promote state legislative initiatives that benefit Enid and NW Oklahoma
• Organize and promote Enid Day at the Capitol
• Support legislative efforts to address Oklahoma ’ s structural budget deficiency ( develop sound revenue sources )
• Support efforts to upgrade the Greer Center facilities in Enid ( for dually diagnosed clients )
• Pursue infrastructure assistance for Vance AFB through Oklahoma Strategic Military Planning Commission ( airport improvements )
• Support the thorough review of business incentives and tax credits through the Oklahoma Incentive Evaluation Commission ( eliminate those that are not effective or cost efficient )
• Protect state business incentives that have proven to attract capital investment and create new jobs in Oklahoma ( Quality
Jobs program , manufacturing ad valorem exemption , tax increment financing- TIF ’ s )
• Work with mid-size cities group to : 1 ) protect and enhance rural health care ; 2 ) support regional colleges and universities ; 3 ) support local control for municipalities
• Promote legislation to support key sectors in Enid ’ s regional economy ( oil & gas , agriculture , medical , etc .)
• Protect Enid ’ s regional higher education institutions
• Support regional highway improvements and continued funding for ODOT ’ s 8-year plan
• Participate in state legislative forums
• Identify and promote local citizens to serve on state boards
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