Greater Enid Chamber of Commerce Directory 2017-2018 - Page 11

Greater Enid Chamber Of Com merce 11 Events & Programs Annual Events Annual Meeting & Banquet Enid Day at the Capitol Held each year in June Purpose: Year-end meeting held to review annual highlights, outline future objectives, recognize volunteers, and present annual awards. Held annually in February Purpose: Provides an opportunity to highlight state issues, funding priorities, and projects that impact Enid and NW Oklahoma. Camp Tomahawk Enlisted Appreciation Night Held each year for two weeks in June Purpose: A summer camp for underprivileged children offered through a partnership program between Vance Air Force Base and the Greater Enid Chamber of Commerce. Candy Cane Cash Held in December Purpose: The Greater Enid Chamber of Commerce and Enid News & Eagle/Eagle Marketing partner to promote Enid holiday shopping. Held each year in the spring Purpose: Demonstrates Enid’s strong support for Vance Air Force Base and for the contribution that the enlisted personnel make to the mission at Vance. Federal Legislative Trip Scheduled annually in the spring Purp NݚY\HܙX]ܝ[]H™[[ۜ]H[Y8&\ۙ\ܝ܈[HZ\ܘH\H[[HY\[Y\]]B[]X]]\[ܝ[]Y\][\X\Y[ۋ[H[H\\YH\[X][ۂ[XXYX\[\[X\\N\ܚX[][][Y[[ܘ]\HܙX]\و[[[ \YK\ ܘY[\Z[Y[ ܙX][[]ˊK\YH\\YBY\[Y\]]H\]XX\X\[ۂ[XXYX\[H[\N[YH]XX\[H[YXX ܝ\\X]\”’[XXYX\[X\\N[\YܚX[\[YX][ۈ[[]XY\\Y R[Hܘ[\š[ܝ\ZXK