Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce Business Journal and Other Publications Q1 2016 Business Journal - Page 45

STEPHANIE MEISNER STEPHANIE MEISNER GOVERNING HOLDS RESPONSIBILITY The public appearances and participation by elected officials brings recognition and attention to the values of civic engagement and individual accomplishment. However, as you can see, being an elected official goes beyond the appearing at ribbon-cutting ceremonies, participating in charity events, WHERE TO GO FROM HERE and attending celebrations of student achievement. Governing holds significant responsibility. It is your duty to stay focused on the future of your community and to make those decisions which frame that vision. Think of it like this, when you look at a piece of art, if the frame outlining the work doesn’t uphold the same level of detail, integrity and personality, there is a disconnect and while there is a complete product, something just isn’t right. Proper planning, oversight, and delivery takes time and requires a firm understanding of economic development. When REPRESENTATIVE CYNTHIA LUMMIS Congressmen Cynthia Lummis has been in politics from a young age and began elected into office there are two major roles, policy making and administra- her career in Washington, D.C. as Congressman in January of 2009. According to tion/implementation management. An easy way to understand this is this: Senator Mike Enzi “She is known on both sides of the aisle and gets things done. the City Council will create major policy decisions and also pass budgets, while the Mayor is the responsible party to make sure policies set forth She has been an essential part of our Washington team using her agriculture, business, legal, legislative and state treasurer background to make a difference.” Senator Mike Enzi came out with this statement after she announced her plans are implemented and administered. Understanding the difference between for retirement. She is a Cheyenne native and the photo featured above is a photo these two functions and valuing the boundaries between them is perilous retrieved from an archive of women who have served as Miss Frontier during to a more efficient government. The separation of powers helps distribute Cheyenne Frontier Days™. authority and firmly allows for the ability to promote competent operations which is concentrated on creating a healthy climate for business. BUSINESS JOURNAL | 45