Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce Business Journal and Other Publications Q1 2016 Business Journal - Page 38

NEXT STEPS Now that you know your engagement level. We have great opportunities to get you active in the business evolution in Cheyenne. Here are our suggested next steps. CIVIC SPECIALIST DISENGAGED While you are considered to be disengaged there are quick ways you can evaluate your interests and contribute to the community to make it a better place to live. First, determine your top 10 priorites and then determine your top 10 passions. Do they align? Yes- now you can find community organizations, events and activities you can get involved with which incorporates your priorities and adheres to your passions. No- Take some time to find the disconnection and try to determine ways to make your priority list and passions list more aligned. Try that for a while and then make your lists again. Do you need help identifying your passions and knowing truly what kind of influence you would like to have on your community? Contact us at the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce. We can help guide you to opportunities which will allow you to find your match. You never know, you may surprise yourself and find a new level of personal development through enriching fundraisers 38 | Quarter 1 M 2016 You care about your community and are ready to have a positive impact. Advised next steps would be to get involved in a the Military Affairs Committee, Red Carpet Committee, BizLink or Cheyenne Professional Network. All organizations focus on different areas of imrproving and supporting our community. Learn more about each Committee and their missions and find one that best aligns with your passions and priorities. Your civic engagement will be enriched and won’t feel like work but will be fun if you do this. Brandon Swain, Leadership in Cheyenne Professional Network shared, “Cheyenne professional network has provided me several opportunities to get involved with the community. Our members are rooted in a wide variety of careers and I have gained a lot of valuable knowledge from my involvement. Become a member and move the community forward with other young professionals!”. ELECTORAL SPECIALIST You are a forward thinker and you understand that policy can have a direct impact on economic improvements. Therefore getting involved in Action & Advocacy and the Chamber Business Council would be a wonderful option for you to have a voice in important and critical decisions. “The Chamber Business Council Committee is a great place for business partners of the Chamber to participate in the development of growth opportunities supporting small business in Cheyenne. The annual Chamber Business Week is the capstone event planned by the Committee!” shared John Privette 2015 Business Council Chair. “I enjoy our Action & Advocacy Committee because we participate in cordial, collaborative and productive ways to identify alternative solutions to real problems facing our business community.” Stated Bill Henderson from FirTier Bank, “This is our home town and I have great respect for committee efforts to move forward with prospective, positive, action-oriented solutions working together to advocate for progress.” DUAL ACTIVIST You are passionate about improving your community and you are a forward thinker. It is rewarding to you to be involved in the community and to have a voice in where the community is going. It is recommended that you consider becoming more involved in the community as a true leader through a Board of Directors Position, HXY\