Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce Business Journal and Other Publications Q1 2016 Business Journal - Page 35

-Electoral IndicatorsIndicate whether you have volunteered wtih any of the following types of organizations or groups. Voter Registration 6A- Many people are not registered to vote because they are too too busy or move around often. ubu oYes, Definitely oI think so oNo Are you currently registered in your election district, or not? Voting 6B- We know that most people don’t vote in all elections. oYes, Always oYes, Usually oNo Do you vote in both national and local elections? Volunteer for a Candidate or Political Campaign 7- Have you volunteered for a political organization oYes (Within the last 12 months) oYes (Not within 12 months) oNo (Never)or candidate running for office? Persuade Others to vote for a candidate or party 8- When there is an election taking place, do you try to convince oYes, Always oYes, Usually oNo people to vote for or against one of the parties or candidates, or not? Display Campaign Button or Sticker 9- Do you wear a campaign button, a sticker on your car, or place oYes, Always oYes, Usually oNo a sign in your front yard? Contributing to a Campaign, party or group 10- Have you given money to a candidate, political party or oYes (Within the last 12 months) oYes (Not within 12 months) oNo (Never) BUSINESS JOURNAL | 35