Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce Business Journal and Other Publications Q1 2016 Business Journal - Page 31

EVOLUTION HAS A STARTING POINT As individuals we are continously evolving. From a young age, we are placed into structured learning environments where we are continously introduced to -Civic Indicators- new things and are challenged with new ideas. All of this is to prepare us for the “world.” Slowly over a period of time we transform into thinkers, contributors, powerful beings which have the capabilities to influence others and make a difference. At this point, we have aquired the ability to problem solve, the sensitivity to understand others and empathize for, which deepens our passion for whatever causes we decide to support and have an influence. As habitants to this earth, as citizens of our Nation and as business professionals in our community, we all have different experiences, perspectives, and this frames who we are. Your actions have an impact and are a starting point for evolution. While change does not happen over night, each day, moment, thought, action can influence and create a paradigm shift which will result in a strong tomorrow. Your character, your talents, and your behaviors are critical to the survival of our commu- Community Problem Solving 1- Have you ever worked together with someone or some group to solve a problem in the community where you live? oYes (Within the last 12 months) oYes (Not within 12 months) oNo (Never) Volunteering 2- Have you volunteered or done any voluntary community service for no pay? oYes (Within the last 12 months) oYes (Not within 12 months) oNo (Never) nity and economic growth. Find out your influence by participating in this interactive typology test and know where you can have the strongest impact. It is an evolvution because we all must collaborate and contribute making transformations over time. BUSINESS JOURNAL | 31