Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce Business Journal and Other Publications Q1 2016 Business Journal - Page 25

type of information and insight that is provided to the watchful eye are very grateful to our Committee members who have provided of this Committee. the financial investment to ensure that we never lose our place at the Federal table. In addition, we ask that those of you who have Business evolution has expanded the Wrangler Committee into oth- not participated, join us in this partnership. You may approach any er areas such as Small Airport Relief, Highway Funding and other member of the Chamber Staff with your investment dollars, and if developmental and economic opportunities. This keen observa- preferred, one of the Committee members will come to you. Albert tion and advocacy protects our economy through preservation and Einstein is quoted as saying “Try to become not a man of success, growth of personnel, assets and missions in our community. It fa- but try rather to become a man of value.” I believe the value of the cilitates the preparation of infrastructure for a strong and diversified Wranglers ensures our success….the success of Cheyenne, Lara- future and influences issues that are important to sustaining and mie County & Wyoming. If you remember from the first paragraph growing business. As our community grows, it is vitally important to of this narrative, the Wranglers were born out of reaction. Lesson have the presence of advocacy at the Federal level. learned. Today, the Wranglers are and will continue to be a proactive group with the vision of ensuring the best for our community So, my readers, hopefully you have a better understanding of the from the military mission to all paths beyond. role of the Wranglers and recognize the importance of this group to every member of our community. Yes, it comes at a cost. We “Try to become not a man of success, but try rather to become a man of value” - ALBERT EINSTEIN BUSINESS JOURNAL | 25