Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce Business Journal and Other Publications Q1 2016 Business Journal - Page 24

city (Cheyenne), they are often students learning how to protect our has evolved beyond the military installations in our area, howev- community, they could write a documentary about their governmen- er, the military presence in our City, County and State will always tal interactions, and finally, they are a professional committee who be at the forefront for this Committee. Information from sources transforms raw data to a clean format. such as the NDIA (National Defense Industry Association) is provided to the Wranglers by our Business Consultant partner which, in The Wyoming Wranglers, also known as the Wrangler Committee, was born out of necessity a few years ago when it became “ turn, allows us to communicate needs, wants and desires to our THE WYOMING WRANGLERS, ALSO very apparent that F. E. Warren KNOWN AS THE WRANGLER COMMITTEE, AFB may not survive military de- WAS BORN OUT OF NECESSITY A FEW it became quite obvious that this albatross was bigger than what could be managed locally so the decision was made to employ a YEARS AGO... “ fense budget cuts. At that time, Congressional delegation. Did you know that spending on professional services, IT and other support services is strongest near Bases? Would this type of information be important for a community to know? Absolutely. This allows a community to determine their economic path Business Consultant located where these decisions are made…. which goes full circle back to maintaining the military presence in Washington, D.C. Since that time, this Committee has become our community since F. E. Warren AFB, and the Wyoming Army & the strength of political advocacy in conjunction with the partner- Air National Guards, combined, are the largest single employer in ship we have with our Business Consultant. The Wranglers focus Cheyenne, Laramie County & the State of Wyoming. This is the THIS IS THE ORIGINAL MISSION OF THE WYOMING WRANLGERS AND HAS SINCE EVOLVED. NEW MISSION: The purpose of Wyoming Wranglers is to further the prosperity of the Military community in Cheyenne and the surrounding area and to pursue other developmental and economic opportunities. The group does advocacy work on a city, state and national level. The Wranglers meet monthly or as needed. The funds gained from this group support our lobbying efforts in Washington DC. A priority of the Wranglers has been communicating the need for a strong and viable strategic nuclear deterrence with the Wyoming delegation as well as delegations from other states. We have also worked closely with the Wyoming National Guard to assist in both infrastructure needs and important state legislation. 24 | Quarter 1 M 2016