Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce Business Journal and Other Publications Q1 2016 Business Journal - Page 23

STEPHANIE JOY MEISNER LINDA WEPPNER WRANGLERS. WHAT’S THAT? { I did some research, and I found that according to Wikipedia, Interestingly, there was no reference to the Greater Chey- Wranglers could be one of the following: enne Chamber of Commerce committee group known as • • • • • • • • • Wrangler (profession), a profession of handling animals, especially horses and cattle Wrangler (film), a professional who searches for and/or handles animals (or other products) for film productions Jeep Wrangler, a type of motor vehicle Goodyear Wrangler, a commercial line (family) of automotive tires for SUVs / 4x4s Wrangler (jeans), a brand of jeans Wrangler (TV series), a 1960 Western program starring Jason Evers Wrangler (University of Cambridge), a student who has completed the third year of the mathematical tripos with first-class honours Wrangler: Anatomy of an Icon, a documentary about Jack Wrangler Data Wrangler, a professional in computing who transforms raw data to a clean format. } the Wranglers in Wikipedia, however, the definitions above certainly have some similarities in describing the purpose of this group. The Wrangler members, just as defined above, are professional & handle issues that sometimes resemble an obstinate animal, they search for products or ways to make a difference, they often have to move at the speed of a racing Jeep, they function like a family for our community’s