Greater Athens Magazine November 2018 - Page 10

same for many years and to continue to add pro- grams that they didn’t have years ago,” McHam said. “The commissioners are able to compro- mise and not be bickering and arguing.” McHam said he was surprised how much of the job is done through the courthouse. “Having to learn how the government oper- ates is the biggest thing to me,” McHam said. “I think having been in FFA and an FFA advisor helped me know how the system works and made it of interest to me. I credit the FFA for making me want to learn about government.” Away from work, family interests take up most of his time. “My daughter, Mallory, is a sophomore at Texas A&M,” McHam said. “We have a tailgate crew that goes to all of the home football games. That takes up every home game weekend.” McHam maintains a few head of cattle on his pasture. He also enjoys shooting sporting clays. McHam’s mother, Dorothy taught school in the BISD for more than 35 years. His father Bill, managed a paper company in Frankston. His wife Karen is a science teacher at Brownsboro Junior High School.