Grayson • Olive Hill Quarterly Spring 2019 - Page 22

After climbing a few feet towards Son, the trees thinned out and I could see all the way down to the Little Sandy River. “Mom, listen. You hear that? It’s the waterfall! You are almost there!” The sound of rushing falling water was music to my ears. I was so excited! I happily followed my family up the rest of the trail to the lookout platform. What a gorgeous sight! The water was pouring over the top edge of the stone cliff falling down forty feet to the black boulders below. The sound was so loud! My instincts proved correct. The days of heavy rains had the falls running fast and furious. Not a fan of heights, I stood on the trail taking photos. The guys stepped onto the sturdy wooden observation deck and looked down into the canyon. Our brightly colored red and black umbrella made a great photo prop against the woodsy background. Gaining some courage I joined them, and gingerly walked to the railing and looked up. The spray from the falls dampened my face, so I looked down at the water crashing on the rocks below. Giving a huge hug to both my son and hubby, my face beaming with happiness, I thanked them for helping me to not give up, and finish the trail to see the falls. After taking several breath-taking photographs, and Son climbing up part of the Cliffside for a selfie, we started the trek back. I can tell you that going downhill is so much easier than going up, ha ha. We followed the waterfall’s stream down until we arrived at the Middle Trail. We stopped to get a closer look at some beautiful mushrooms growing on a fallen log. We then turned left to the Middle Trail and walked silently on the wet leaves just enjoying the forest quiet. We soon came to a log that had fallen across the path and had to duck under it and pass through two large mossy boulders. I was familiar with this trail and enjoyed the easy walk back to the boardwalk. As husband and I started our “old man” shuffle on the slippery boards we heard Son exclaim “Whoa!” Guess who slipped this time?! We all had a good laugh together as he decided it was slippery and mom and dad were right after all! We stopped to take close-up pictures of tiny rain- droplets on the hemlock needles. When Son magnified his cell phone picture we could see our reflection upside down in the droplet. Nature is so amazing! We stopped in at the Center to use the restrooms and get a drink of water. The exhibits are so interesting and educational. As a photographer I enjoyed looking at the photos of history re-enactors dressed as Indians and early explorers camping in the gorge. I also took a minute to touch the beaver pelt and read about the history of the area. On the way out we stopped to sign the guest book and wave to the nice women who were at the desk. After climbing back in our trusty minivan, son and I scrolled through our hiking photographs, showing each other our favorites. Grinning at each other we both agreed that this should definitely be on next year’s Christmas bucket list! For information about Laurel Gorge trails and Cultural Center call (606) 738-5543. 22 SPRING 2019 T HE C ITY OF G RAYSON welcomes you to “The Heart of the Parks” M AYOR G EORGE S TEELE AND C ITY C OUNCIL M EMBERS Salute Carter County “Pride in Our People” C ARTER N URSING & R EHABILITATION C ENTER Joe Brainard, RN, BS, LNHA, Administrator • Provides Skilled Nursing and Rehab Services • Medicare/Medicaid Certified • Private Insurance Accepted Improve every life we touch... Provide exceptional healthcare... Exceed Expectations... 250 McDavid Blvd. Grayson, KY 606-474-7835 • Fax: 474-8114