Grayson • Olive Hill Quarterly Spring 2019 - Page 18

that has inspired each of his stand alone films. It's the thrill of a fun house scare and the wonder of the possibility that there is maybe something more than those plastic carnival monsters; there in the woods just beyond the safety of the carnivals and fairs. Breedlove's new series, On the Trail of Bigfoot, will be available in March. It will premiere as a six part series on Vimeo and other streaming platforms, while it will appear as two longer form documentaries on Amazon. The Kickstarter campaign for this new series, along with Breedlove's next two films, Terror in the Skies and Momo: The Missouri Monster, will kick off February 7, offering backers the opportunity to reserve their own DVD and digital distribution copies of the film, along with other backer rewards. For more information on Small Town Monsters and all of their films, check out, or find them on Kickstarter at and Facebook at smltownmonsters. 18 SPRING 2019