Grayson • Olive Hill Quarterly Spring 2019 - Page 15

When you say the word "Bigfoot" most people think of the Pacific Northwest (PNW). Afterall, that's the area where the phenomenon of big, hairy bipeds was given that particular name, after Californian Jerry Crew began finding large footprints around his road building equipment while constructing logging roads in the remote forests of his state. After taking casts of the prints, and going to the local newspaper with them, the name Bigfoot was coined and interest in the monster spread like wildfire. Soon northern California, Oregon and Washington would become ground zero for the quest to document the elusive creature. But Bigfoot sightings aren't restricted to the PNW. In fact, there are reports of ape like creatures from every state in the union, with the exception of Hawaii. This includes the Kentucky/Ohio/West Virginia TriState. Carter County has its own fair share of sighting reports spread across various organizations who collect such stories, and as recently as October of 2018 reports were coming in from neighboring counties like Elliott and Lawrence. Lawrence County, in fact, seems particularly active, with no fewer than 10 sightings documented there by the Bigfoot Field Research Organization (BFRO), the most recent October sighting taking place only 13 miles south of Grayson. It seems that anywhere people go into the forests for work or recreation, a Bigfoot is likely to rear its head. But what exactly are people seeing? And why do they assume it's a giant ape man? (continued) SPRING 2019 15