Graslander Uitgawe 1: Nampo - Page 3

WELCOME Inhoud CONTENTS Welcome to Graslander p.3 Die regte bekalkingsprogram ontsluit grondvrugbaarheid p.4 Klimaatvooruitsigte vanaf Maart 2016 p.6 Efficacy of LAN compared to urea under dry conditions for maize p.7 Grondsuurheid: ‘n ernstige vorm van gronddegradasie p.8 SMS Software walks hand in hand with precision farming p.9 Ondergrondsuurheid p.10 Lime FAQ p.11 WELCOME TO GRASLANDER Welcome to the inaugural edition of GRASLANDER, a new soil management manual produced by Grasland and distributed via Senwes Scenario, NWK Arena and Ons Eie from Suidwes, magazines. O ur aim is to provide useful and indeed vital information about the various aspects of soil management in agriculture. We have selected several articles on the subject from various reputable sources which will give you unprecedented insights into this topic. With the agri-industry currently enduring the worst drought in the country in recordable history it is imperative that producers and stakeholders in the industry utilise their resources in the most optimal way in order to extract the best potential yields from their lands. Agriculture is the cornerstone of food security in our country and the success of our producers will have a direct impact on our prosperity as a nation. Grasland Ondernemings is an aglime production and marketing company with Senwes and NWK as its joint venture owners. Grasland’s registered products are proven soil pH-neutralisers which continue to deliver convincing results and increased profits for our customers. Healthy soil ensures improved crop yields of impressive quality. I hope you enjoy this first edition and feel free to keep it in a safe place to be used as a reference. Also, remember to contact us at Grasland for any advice you may need in the uses and application of aglime. Etienne Schoeman MD: Grasland Graslander Maart 2016 3