GPS Newsletter Global Gazette April 2019 - Page 7

PAGE 7 Having fun at trips to music academies and parks! Learning red, blue, yellow and green through colour days! The tiny tots of Step 2 entertained everyone with their live performance at their Annual Day- ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ in December. The children of Step 3 imparted a valuable lesson to take care of our world, at their Annual Day- ‘Bhoomi- Our only home’ in December. Serving with a smile always! With various activities rang- ing from scrubbing and paint- ing an anganwadi, cleaning up the school premises to imparting English communica- tion skills to the support staff of gps, students of Grade 9 ensured to do their bit to serve the society as part of their SEWA (Social Empower- ment through Work education and Action) Programme in September. A toy collection drive, ‘Share Toy, Spread Joy’ was conducted in No- vember and students generously donated toys, dolls, colouring books, and wax crayons which were handed over to a nearby anganwadi. An- other set of students from Grade 11 donated toy cars to Shishu Bhavan.