GPS Newsletter Global Gazette April 2019 - Page 22

PAGE 22 R At the Glenmark 35th Sub Junior and 45th Junior National Aquatic Champi- onship -2018 held at Pune in June, Li- yana Fathima Umer Nizar won a silver medal in the 50 m butterfly stroke as well as in the 50 m freestyle. She also secured a bronze medal in the 100m butterfly stroke as well as in the 4x100 Medley relay. Young Adhvika Asghar came 5th in the 50 m backstroke and the 100 m back- stroke. At the South Zone Aquatic Meet held at Vijayawada in December, Adhvika Asghar of Grade 6 won a silver medel in 100m backstroke and bronze in 50m backstroke. Liyana Fathima Umer Nizar also won the Individual Champion- ship title at the State Aquatic Championship held at Thiruvanan- thapuram in May. At the 6th GPS PREMIER INVITATIONAL BASKET- BALL TOURNAMENT held in November, Little Flow- er School Koratty won in both the girls’ as well as boys’ category! In October, GPS emerged the Overall Champions at the 10th Swimming Gala, three times in a row, defeating over 200 students from 15 schools. Vishwajoti Public School, Angamaly and Rajagiri Public School won the 2nd and 3rd place respectively. Suraj Vinuraj of Gr 12 (GPS-I) won the ‘Best Player’ title at the Punaloor Basket- ball Tournament held in January. Team GPS won the Championship in the finals against TOCH.