GPS Newsletter Global Gazette April 2019 - Page 19

PAGE 19 The marvels of Nilgiris were unravelled as the students of Grade 12 (CBSE & GPS-I) visited Ooty in September. As part of their coursework, the AS level Travel and Tourism students organised two package tours: The Mystical Mussoorie Tour to Mussoori as well as the Enchanted Emerald Tour to Bandipur. The students of Grade 11 (CBSE and GPS-I) enjoyed every moment at Mussoorie surrounded by the Himalayan snow-capped mountains. They soaked up the local culture and celebrated the Himalayan environment through physical activities such as rapelling and rock climbing. In Bandipur, the students of Grade 11 (CBSE and GPS-I) had some adrenaline rushing moments as they went on a jungle safari at the Bandipur wildlife sanctuary. STEAMing up some fun and learning! Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics enthralled young minds during their STEAM classes. A DIY Wind Vane Balloon Car to learn the property of air pressure