GPS Newsletter Global Gazette April 2019 - Page 18

PAGE 18 Making Memories... R Misty mountains, idyllic coun- tryside, pine forests over- looking enchanting valleys, verdant greenery and fresh air awaited the students of Grade 10 (CBSE and GPS-I) as they explored Vagamon in September! Packed with activities such as trekking, sky walking, air beam balancing etc, stu- dents of Grade 9 (CBSE and GPS-I) had a mar- vellous time at GreenBerg Resort, Kulamavu, Idukki in September. Boating, rafting, kayaking, unlimited ice creams, charm- ing farm animals and the pic- turesque beauty of Kulamavu Iduuki made the trip on 1st December, memorable for the students of Grade 8. Students of Grade 6 had a fun filled day of adventure with nature as they visited Farm Sanctuary, Kureekad in December. They revelled in activities like nature walk, hu- man foosball, monkey crawl, bamboo rafting, obstacle fun activity, clay pottery and rain dance.