GPS Newsletter Global Gazette April 2019 - Page 14

PAGE 14 Caring for the environment R Plan@Earth awarded GPS a green certificate for recycling 2103 kgs of paper, saving 36 trees, conserving 60987 litres of water and saving 6309 cubic yards of landfall space! As a testimony to our commitment towards the envi- ronment, various activities are initiated every year on World Environment day in June. This year 100 tree sapling were planted around the campus by the students, teachers and parents. An oath was undertaken by GPSites at the Pedes- trian Safety Walk organised by the Cochin Ortho- paedic Society in October to highlight the need for safe walkways and Eco friendly cities. GPSites participated in the India Green and Wild Rally in Kochi in January with eloquent banners, posters, paintings, slogans and a street play with a message of conservation. For the second time in a row, GPS was awarded a ‘Nallapadom’ certificate with an ‘A’ grade from Malayala Manorama for commendable environmental friendly efforts.