GPS Newsletter Global Gazette April 2019 - Page 12

PAGE 12 Scripting Success! R Jacob Varghese, Ar- jun S and Aaron Anish of Grade 12 (Class of 2018) won the 2nd prize at the IMA School Case Study Competition, organ- ised by IMA (Institute of Management Ac- counting) at Delhi in May. They prepared a case study and suc- cessfully submitted a PowerPoint presen- tation with the case analysis solution. GPS emerged champions at the Model United Nations conducted by Bhavans Vidya Mandir, in September. Arjun Sujit Varma and Madhavan Jayakrishnan won the title of the Outstanding Del- egate and Best Delegate respectively, whereas Ashwin Menon and Michelle Yusuff received Hon- ourable mention. Arjun Sujit Varma also won the Diplomacy Awards and many of our students got a special mention for their valuable points and appreciable amendments at the Rajagiri Model United Nations held in the same month. At the IIMUN (India’s International Movement to Unite Nations) held in The Choice School in January, Ashley Placid (independent candidate) walked away with the Best Delegate award. Diya D Menon (independent candidate) bagged the Best Photographer’s award and Advay Varma of Grade 7 won the 2nd runners up trophy. Global Public School lift- ed the first ever Overall Championship trophy at Fringes 2018- a drama fest hosted by The Choice School in October with their spectacular perfor- mance. Our team walked away with the First place for the Musical Play (Dis- ney theme) as well as First place for the innovative Street play! We also won the 2nd place for the short film contest. George Ja- cob and Maria Catherine Jacob were adjudged the Best Actor and Best Actress respectively at the presti- gious drama fest.