GPS Newsletter Global Gazette April 2018 - Page 10

PAGE 10 Home Away from Home R An astounding show was put up by the amazingly talented children in November as Hostel Day was celebrated with pomp and grandeur! An ISO 9001:2015 certified school Our School participated in all the Medical campaigns organized by the government. MMR Vaccine being administered. Fire Alert ! A Fire Drill \[[[X\H[\H]\[[\B[^\\\Y H]HY][]YZ H\ۛXXۛXH[[ۙ M ۝\[˜Xܛ[XK[\]H[[BܘYH LH[[[[K[XBX]] M] H\B[XY\ܛHYܙHۙB\[B\[Z\YXY\[\[\KZX[[[X\H\\و[]Y][ۂ܈H \[Z^X][\[ HY][][\ZYۈ H\ۛXXۛXY[\\[[Yݛ[\[ۜHXY[œYYX]XX[[܋HZ^X[ZZH\[\›YX\ \Y[XH[ ^HHX]B\[X[[[\XYHܛ[[[YH™^\]H\HوXKHY][]YZ]Y[ݙ[X\ L[NHYY[\[[XX\]X[[\[\BY][XۛX[]X[]H]YKY\]\[\X\BY[[X]Y\X\]H[ZY]H\^H[Y ^YY[Y\[[Z\X\۝[B[[܈Y[YH ܛ[[YH\^H\X\]Y[[\\H\]][ۜX\˜\[[ [H^\و\X\[ [H]Y\Y\[\X\[Kؘ[^]