GPl Archives 3 April 2013 Issue #65 - Page 82

ed Bull and Vettel are at the sharp end of both the drivers’ and constructors’ tables with two rounds ticked off the 19 race calendar. Domenicali reflected on the first two races, “I don’t know exactly where [we stand], but for sure between the leaders. There are tracks where our car will perform better; there are certain tracks where some others will perform better than ours. For sure Red Bull, in my view, is still the strongest at the moment, but we will see.” “Mercedes have done a step, Lotus is very competitive. It will be an interesting and challenging season, but we will be there - no doubt. We have seen that the performance of the others is very good but we also have seen that during these two races there were so many different performances between different cars in different conditions that it was almost impossible to understand something.” Tyres have been the main talking point thus far this season, but the Italian team boss is quick to temper the ciriticism directed at Pirelli. “I see a lot of overreaction from some teams on the tyres but another thing in my view it’s better to stay cool and calm, as in life,” mused Domenicali. “Last year we were crying about [our car] but after two races we already had one win and more points. So I know that, but it doesn’t matter because at the end of the day the championship is very long and it is important to stay cool and calm and make sure from the package we deliver the best.” R