GPl Archives 3 April 2013 Issue #65 - Page 57

history of f1 team orders 03.04.2013 grand prix international issue.65 photo sutton images th the Maranello team. But at Red Bull it was the opposite. The order ysia were similar in that went out to stop racing and hold station with from the Red Bull and Mark Webber ahead of Sebastian Vettel. The d although unrelated, world championd ecided to ignore the call and race his teammate until he led and stayed instance Nico Rosberg there to take victory. st by his team not to Prior to this there was a tense peace between e Lewis Hamilton, and the two. Now, despite the apologies and aking a strong case to groveling that prevailed, it is civil war between In the end he did not Webber and Vettel. We all know there is nothing l. civil about war.