GPl Archives 3 April 2013 Issue #65 - Page 36

eached in the gravel when his Ferrari’s front wing collapsed following early contact with Vettel, the Spaniard wittily admitted on Twitter that he had “missed a good moment” when the Red Bull duo’s already tense relationship vanished completely amid the latest team orders scandal. “I will try not to leave them alone again,” added Alonso, adding that the whole saga provided clear evidence of what he already suspected about the apparent accord within the wrold champion team. “It’s amaz ing,” he is quoted by AS newspaper, “because it’s always the most legal team, the team that always does everything right and never bad things, but [in Malaysia] was a little bit of truth. It doesn’t happen at Ferrari — we’re the most united team. They say they are, but you can see that they are not.” And Alonso was definitely not amused when recalling his first-lap incident which saw him clip the back of Vettel’s car.. “He practically stopped in the middle of the corner. He was at least 10kph slower. It was a surprise to find him there,” recalled the Ferrari driver. Alonso’s front wing was damaged, but he did not pit for a new one at the end of the first lap. The wing collapsed and disentegarted when under stress at high speed on the main straight, upon which the Ferrari ended in the gravel at Turn 1 and resulted in an early shower for the driver. “It’s easy to say we should have done something else,” he said. “The wing didn’t seem so damaged, even on television, and so we decided to continue, because we knew we were going to put on dry tyres on lap three or four. We took a risk and it went wrong, but I think we were very unlucky.” Alonso said he thinks he could have fought for the win, “Red Bull didn’t impress too much this weekend. They know they have problems with the degradation; even Mercedes was fighting for victory until 20 laps to go. The podium was practically guaranteed.” B