GPl Archives 3 April 2013 Issue #65 - Page 28

Former driver and respected British commentator Martin Brundle said that is a “huge problem”, because a Formula 1 team cannot manage its drivers if there is no “trust”. Helmut Marko agrees: “Seb and Mark don’t need to go on holiday together, but there must be a constructive working environment.” Flavio Briatore pinned the blame on Red Bull’s management. “Unacceptable,” he is quoted by Italy’s La Gazzetta dello Sport. “You can see who the real manager is at Red Bull; it’s Vettel.” John Watson, a former McLaren driver, therefore called on Red Bull to ban Vettel for a race. “I know that if other drivers in other teams disobeyed a team order they would be suspended or even fired,” he said on BBC radio. “If Christian Horner doesn’t reassert his authority, then his position in the team is not exactly the role it is designed to be.” Even good friend Bernie Ecclestone admitted Red Bull have a big problem, ”Maybe there will be a stage when he (Vettel) would like Mark to help him, but I don’t think Mark is going to come up front and do it (now).” Webber is not the only one who has lost respect for Vettel.