GPl Archives 3 April 2013 Issue #65 - Page 121

Agreement in effect... Concorde Agreement, e Sporting Code. It is ges. We consult the ssence, are unofficial working groups and to the World Council. rence to our previous Of course we hope a will be ratified shortly to the previous way of Points-based penalty system for driver infringements... CW: A points-based system is still in discussion. There is significant support for it but not unanimous support. It’s a complex question and we need to get the balance right because banning a driver is a serious issue. We need to make sure a driver genuinely deserves any ban. We will be monitoring offences and running a [hypothetical] system in the background to see how it would all work if put into practice. We need to do that for a while. 03.04.2013 grand prix international issue.65 photo hoch zwei