GPl Archives 3 April 2013 Issue #65 - Page 120

Double DRS ban and passively blown wings... CW: There is no double-DRS any more but teams can have a blown wing. DRS cannot open or close a duct and it cannot change the shape of any ducts in the rear wing – i.e. any ducted areas should be unaffected by the movement of the top wing flap. A team can still have a blown rear wing but it must be a purely passive effect as a function of the speed of the car. We have also stopped air being ducted through the front wing pillars – so there can be no rear-to-front connection. Rules without Concorde A CW: In the absence of a C we had to resort to the clear about rule chang teams via what, in es technical and sporting then we take proposals There’s very little differ method of operation. O Concorde Agreement w and that we can revert t doing things.