GPl Archives 27 February 2013 Issue #59 - Page 86

photo studio colombo The end result was Vettel’s third successive title but the German and Alonso were still fighting for it all the way to the final race in Brazil. Domenicali said the situation was very different from February last year, when Brazilian Felipe Massa first tested the F2012 and rang Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo to tell him the bad news. “It’s another world,” said Domenicali. “It’s a totally different situation but w that everyone is doing a g ca ͕ɽѡѕ́$ɕЁݡЁݔͅ܁Ёɥٕ́ɽȁЁ5ɍ́1̀Ё́ѕѥͼɥٕ́ٔͼͽչəɵ((0