GPl Archives 27 February 2013 Issue #59 - Page 215

BARCELONA DRIVER QUOTES 27.02.2013 grand prix international issue.59 afternoon with shorter he full potential of the o improve some things rday, but there are still mpared to Pastor. We mulation. Unfortunately the red flag at the end, all the tyre compounds ood feeling for how the e car feels really nice on promising.” Friday: This morning we focussed on pitstop practice and despite the weather we achieved a lot. The key things to work on as a driver are breaking as late as possible for the pitlane speed limit to minimise the time lost, perfecting your positioning in the box and pulling away quickly and cleanly. It’s interesting as there are a lot of things to think about, but the better I get, the more trust you build with the pit crew which means they are able to react even quicker. We’ll be doing a few more at the next test. photo getty images