GPl Archives 27 February 2013 Issue #59 - Page 212

PASTOR MALDONADO Tuesday: “It was a good day. I felt happy after the first run this morning and we then completed a busy day of testing. It was great to get out on track in the new car. The FW35 feels like we have made a real step forward. There is still a lot to discover with the new car, but this is a good starting point for us fo HX\ۋ'H\^N8']\H[ܛ[܈YKHX\[\H[HY\\[ۈ]\\]H[YH[Y\]]]KH[[ݙY[HXH[][][ۈ[\XHXHۜ\[ H\]Y\[ܘ[[YH]]\YKHHY[\HYܝXH]Hx&[HY[[\K'HY^N8']XXH\܈YH[HX[HYHZ[[ˈH[H\H\H]H\\^\\x&]HY؛[\]H\[]\[]Z]H HXY]Y]\][H[YHHX[H\\K\H\[[H[ܙHܚ]H]HHYXHX]]HYY˸'B