GPl Archives 27 February 2013 Issue #59 - Page 202

PAUL DI RESTA Tuesday: “The first day of running was mainly about tyre work and m comparisons with Jerez. I was running on the hard and the mediums and w feel for them once again. We also did an aero programme this morning, wh the correlation work as we evaluate some of the new parts going on the c is for more of the same tomorrow.” Wednesday: “We stopped a little bit early today, but we still got plenty under our belt and we’re learning more and more about the car as we go a what winter testing is all about. Understanding the tyres is always a priori getting a feel for the degradation rates, which have been quite high, althou to remember that the track temperatures here are lower than we can exp at most races. We’ve run most of the tyres apart from the super-softs so Learning about the tyres and a new car at the same time is never easy, but we’re pretty pleased with how things have gone during the first couple of days.”