GPl Archives 27 February 2013 Issue #59 - Page 192

FElipe massa Friday: “Today was a difficult day for everyone and it’s a pity that the w conditions ruined the last day of testing. I would have preferred to contin work on tyres and set-up that Fernando started yesterday but the unpred weather made it very difficult to make accurate judgements about th behaviour. When the rain gave us a moment’s break I completed a long run medium tyre compound – but the track was very cold and still slippery so hard to warm up the tyres and make a clear comparison between perfo and degradation. In the afternoon, the wet track didn’t allow us to return tyres so we concentrated on some set-up tests with the intermediate tyres different aerodynamic configurations and I am satisfied with the behaviou car. Certainly I would have preferred to test with bett \ۙ][ۜ]]\Y[]HY\[H[[H] 'B]H[XY\‚