GPl Archives 27 February 2013 Issue #59 - Page 184

MARK WEBBER Thursday: “We had a pretty good run today, we’re learning plenty, so a positive outing for us. Overall the car ran smoothly and once again we amassed a huge amount of data for the guys back at the factory to go through. We’d like to get a bit more mileage tomorrow in the dry, but that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen, it looks like it will be wet. As usual at tests, the question of the pecking order comes up all the time but, honestly, I have no idea. There are a few quick cars out there, but in winter testing it’s so hard to say if anyone’s better than anyone else, especially ]H\\[ٙH^H^H\H8$[x&\H[\܈]HXۙݙ\H\HوH[ Y\[]&\[]\]HYX[ [H[\Y\\[Y\][[[Y\\^Y\^YۈH\XK'HY^N8']\]\H^KH[&][Y[X\][H[\^H\ ]XX[H]\X\ۘXHۜ\[Hۙ][ۜ\H]HXH[^K[Y\H\\[]]HوHܘ[^YZ[ [\X[ۙ][ۜ]H\\H]]HۙH^KHYX[X\H[ܙYXH[][Y]\][ˈHHوYۙH^KH\YHܙX]؈8$H\x&]HY[[KH[[ܙY][KHYHو\ZY\[ܚ^K]\]\]܈\XHYZ[[[Y[[HY]X[H[8$\HX[K8'HHYY 8'x&\HX\H^YZ[x&[[ܙHوH[YH܈\Nۙ[[\Y][ۜ[H\\ܚX\[[ܙHX]KX[^H\ܛH[Y\[[\\]\\[و][و[ˈ][HY]HوH\][x&[[XYHH[YH\ܛX[HYX[Hۜ[HYYY\][ۈH\[ܙ\^HHH۝ 'B