GPl Archives 10 April 2013 Issue #66 - Page 95

10.04.2013 grand prix international issue.66 onal Circuit have produced eight different winners. Only Lewis t the Constructors’ Championship trophy at the end of the season inning driver gone on to win the Drivers’ Championship (Fernando tton is the only driver to win in China with the number one on his o win the race. the honours as constructors, they have each won three times in ve each won the race on a single occasion. ormances of the 2012 race. Rosberg became the third Mercedes ootsteps of Juan Manuel Fangio and Stirling Moss. It was Mercedes’ 2010, and therefore their solitary F1 win since 1955. nd prix winners. For the previous top-step debutant one has to look Webber and Rosberg took their first victory from their first pole (Italy 2008), Hamilton (Canada 2007), Felipe Massa (Turkey 2006) two races after Rosberg – albeit thanks to Hamilton’s demotion to a podium finisher started from outside the top ten (2011, Webber the highest g-forces of the year. With around three seconds on the 0kph for the slow corner. olystyrene sandwich, which sits atop more than 40,000 concrete as been vulnerable to subsidence, requiring extensive resurfacing 2010