GPI 2017 Chinese Grand Prix - Page 21

2017 CHINESE GRAND PRIX But he suddenly appeared just eight seconds behind you and closing you down at the end. You had to get back on the gas. LH: Yeah, exactly. We were matching times. I think if there wasn’t safety cars and stuff it would have been a lot closer. Talking of that, congratulations Sebastian, a bit unlucky really, you pitted under the virtual safety car and there was a safety car straight after. Sebastian Vettel: Yeah, my start was OK but then I realized that the intermediates had quite a lot of degradation. It was very dry in some parts of the track so I knew they would not last. I was happy to take the risk. Obviously virtual safety car you save a bit of time in the pit stop. And then the safety car came just when I was about to start to feel that the dry tyre was a lot quicker, so I couldn’t use the momentum, the advantage and I lost a lot of positions. But then I had a very exciting race; I really enjoyed it. I was stuck a little bit in the train for a whole but then I finally made the move and then, yeah, I tried to chase Lewis down as much as possible but I had the feeling that every time I put a lap in he was able to respond, so I think we were a good match, it could have been a different race but a good recovery and as I said, wheel-to-wheel racing… I touched wheels with Daniel as well…. You took the paint off the side of his tyre! SV: It was good fun at least. GPI