GPI 2017 Chinese Grand Prix - Page 160

SHANGHAI REVIEW BY BEN STEVENS When the margins are as fine as they’ve been for the first two races it’s really impossible to tell – not that it’ll matter much in the race, considering the impending rain and all. Of course it wasn’t just Ferrari and Mercedes on-track (although they might as well have been), with plenty to talk about elsewhere too. After pissing off all of Australia with Daniel Ricciardo’s engine failure, this time it was Max Verstappen’s turn to cark it, two of his V6’s cylinders deciding to knock- off early. If this keeps up, expect the same Renault-Red Bull tiff from 2015 to surface once again. It was a shame to see Antonio Giovinazzi crash at the end of Q1 – but it did get me thinking about the underrated value of a tough final corner. If you’re going ܘ\ ]X\Hܛ]Z\[ۙ^x&\ܝ [HX[YYY\\\ۂX[XZH]YL܈H\[YH[\\Y\]8&\ܙ\ˈ^\8$˜XX[H]H[\X[[X]KH\Œ LٙX[[X]H[\HX\K\^\\H[X]Y[BYۈ]\^K][X[\&HYBH[X\&HY[\Z[\ٙXX[B\][[\\8&[H[\H\[Y]\[ΈZ[\H[[[KHH\[][ۈق]\Hؙ\R[Z[ۈ]HYYX]YHH\YHYX\ˈx&[][HXYYXۙHوH\ZK