GPI 2017 Chinese Grand Prix - Page 150

THE TALE OF THREE ROOKIES Giovinazzi said afterwards, “I want to apologize again to the team. They did a great job to get the car ready. It was a shame that I crashed again in the race. A learning lesson – I just want to forget this weekend quickly.” Thankfully Stoffel Vandoorne did not end up in the litter or in the wall, but his race was also short as the woeful McLaren-Honda package again did him no favours. On Saturday the Belgian qualified 16th, half a second off the pace of his teammate Fernando Alonso and by lap 17, of the race, he was climbing out of his car with a DNF penned next to his name. Vandoorne explained, “On lap 17 we lost power – I don’t really know exactly the reason – but I think it was a fuel problem. It’s a shame we couldn’t get to the finish – the potential was there and the car felt quite competitive in the corners compared to the cars I was racing against.” It was evident that the McLaren-Honda package is way off where it should be, he added, “I felt the power drop and I could feel immediately