GPI 2017 Bahrain Grand Prix - Page 89

2017 BAHRAIN GRAND PRIX fourth in the second Ferrari ahead of Red Bull Racing’s Daniel Ricciardo. At the race start, pole sitter Bottas led through Turn 1. Hamilton, though, lost out and was passed by Vettel as the field streamed through the first corner. Red Bull’s Max Verstappen made an excellent start to rise from sixth on the grid to fourth by the end of lap one, the Dutchman profiting from !ѽéȁхЁ)ѡЁѡЁѡ ɥѽͱݕIɑѡɽ̰ݥѠѡɕձ)ѡЁѡɅ݅́ѕѼѠ]ϊd5̈́Ʌɧe)-IݡɽѼ͕ٕѠɽѠѡɥ)A