GPI 2017 Bahrain Grand Prix - Page 37

2017 BAHRAIN GRAND PRIX I guess for a start, compared to last year, I’ve started the race. That helped. I had my so far the only – and I hope it stays that way – DNS last year here so not even starting was quite a disappointment. And then, I don’t now, [Kiki Raikkonen] was behind the Red Bull in the opening of the lap and so obviously we’ve seen that it’s quite tricky to pass. I was a bit faster in the opening stint than Valtteri but I couldn’t really get close enough and I guess he probably lost a bit of time and then I just saw the final result. I don’t know what happened to his race but I think he came back to fourth, not finishing too far behind Valtteri so I think for both of us the car probably worked really well and yeah, I think it depends on... from my own experience, how the opening lap goes and so on, but this has usually been a very very good hunting ground for Kimi, so maybe the time loss on Friday for him with the issue he had in the car didn’t help but yeah, y ԁȁݸɅѡ'e)ɔݔݥхЁЁѕ݅ɑ̸)A$